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    Default SUMP PUMP - pumping piping hot water

    Hi, can someone help me, I'm emptying out a hot water solar heater 119 gallon tank. I am doing this through a SUMP PUMP. The water in the hot water tank is steaming hot. Will this damage my sump pump. As this water is extremely hot.


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    Default Re: SUMP PUMP - pumping piping hot water

    I looked up a couple of installation instructions and warranty information on a couple of higher end sump pumps and did not find a reference to pumping "hot water" - likely because the manufacturers never planned on their pumps being used for that.

    That said, a number of years ago I looked at garbage disposal installation instructions and warranty information and, even though one might think they were intended for use with hot water as hot water runs through them ... however ... they warned NOT to use when running hot water as the hot water can damage the rubber seals.

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