I'm replacing the cabinets on my existing island and preparing it for a waterfall countertop. I need to move two small appliances outlets to the side where the dishwasher is located. NOTE: these are for small appliances and not to power the dishwasher.

There is not a lot of space between the panel and the dishwasher so I may need a shallow box in there.

The idea is to keep it safe and comply with NEC.
Question: I was wondering if there are specific requirement for these boxes (such as they have to be metal instead of pvc?) and if the wire (Romex 12/2) can be visible - secured with staples or if I need some sort of conduit to protect it?

This is the plan but even though the dishwasher isn't something you move very often, having the wires just there stapled to the panel feels weird to me, on the other hand, I don't want to overdo it if I don't have to.


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