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    Default mileage and appointment log

    I made these documents to help me keep track of information. I print them out whenever I need new ones. Help yourself to them if they'll help you.

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    Default Re: mileage and appointment log

    I purchase a mileage log book for a couple of bucks at the office supply store and keep it over the visor of my vehicle. All work related mileage is logged, all volunteer organization is logged and each year it is all tallied and the book goes in with the tax papers.

    Your doc tracks the same information as the pre-printed log. The log book has a single page for each month with about 35 entries so you can make a few mulitple trips in a single day in a month.

    I maintain an Xcel spreadsheet of jobs. Fields from left to right are: Inspection Date/Time, Buyer Name, Buyer Phone, Inspect Address, City, Zip, Fee, Collected, Inspection Type, Square Footage, Year Built, House Age, Buyer Email

    Thanks for shareing your ideas

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    Default Re: mileage and appointment log

    I log all of my mileage in Outlook under each day of the week. This allows me to simply print each month when it is tax time. On January 1, I list my start miles and on December 31 I list my ending miles.

    So for today I drove 32 miles to an inspection and then from that inspection to a draw inspection it was 12 miles and then back home it was 44 miles for a total of 88 miles today. The miles go right beside the address so it is very simple to see the miles driven per job.

    All other miles are considered personal miles.

    When I was audited about six years ago, the IRS folks loved the way I kept my mileage. They just had a few other issues with my deductions that we just did not see eye to eye on!

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    Default Re: mileage and appointment log

    Don't overlook your mileage for trips to the doctor, physical therapist, chiropracter, pharmacy, etc. in your log book. Even if you don't presently, or plan to itemize your medical expenditures, it only takes one really bad year (injury, illness, max co-pays/co-insurance + deductables) from any of your family members where this plus what you're paying for insurance can put you over the top; depending on if you ever use your business vehicle for personal use - and the type of organization you formed for the buisiness entity & which tax return(s) you file (bsns & pers). If you keep multiple logs for the same vehicle - from personal experience I speak - the auditors frown on this; better to keep one master log then form tables for specific use from the master data log.


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