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    Been looking to switch inspection report programs. I am currently running 3d (an older version 9). I recently lost the upgrade and the system wont run without it now. I emailed 3d and asked them if I could redownload that update and they told me they no longer could offer that. I had to upgrade to their latest update at probably around $200 I would guess. I have never really been impressed with the abilility of formatting the software. I am not a computer nut and often found it difficult to wade through it. When I would make changes and add in attachments I would find that it would never turn out the way you wanted it and it seemed like so much work for such small changes. Has anyone had any experience with Inspector FX program? I looked online at there website and it appeared pretty straight forward at changing things and adding supplemental forms to their report. Any other suggestions at good report programs that are relatively easy to change around?

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    Please take a look at our software also. We are local and have been in the home inspection software business for over 12 years. Our software runs on either a PC or a PocketPC. Our main emphasis is on the inspector being able to gather the inspection data AS you are doing your inspection and not having to rekey that data later. Give me a call if you have any questions. We can also schedule to meet somewhere so I can show you our software first hand. Our office is in Hudson, WI...right across the border on 94.


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