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    Default Inspectvue with Windows 7

    Anyone using Windows 7 for IV4? I'm currently using XP, but going to upgrade laptop soon and wondering about how it will work with 7.

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    Default Re: Inspectvue with Windows 7

    Quote Originally Posted by Jack Feldmann View Post
    Anyone using Windows 7 for IV4? I'm currently using XP, but going to upgrade laptop soon and wondering about how it will work with 7.
    I've seen a lot of people saying that it is not working for them. I did help one inspector get it going by using XP Visualization built into SOME versions of Windows 7. I'd make sure you get a version of Windows 7 that has it, check out Download Windows XP Mode for the version list.

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    Default Re: Inspectvue with Windows 7

    Hi Jack,
    This I copied from an e-mail sent from Porter Valley Software about 4 months ago. I am using InspectVue 4 on a Windows 7 64 bit system. You end up using PDF Creator to view or print the reports instead of the program viewer / printer.

    Downloading and Installing InspectVue Residential 4 on Windows7/Vista (32-Bit)

    1. Goto and download version 4 Demo (its actually the full version, it just needs to be unlocked. we'll cover that later)
    2. After download run the install software by right-clicking on the icon and selecting "Run as Administrator" from the pop up menu.
    3. After install, a pop-up window will appear with a checkbox next to "launch the Program" (or words that that effect.) UNCHECK this box and click the button to finish the install.
    4. Locate the "InspectVue Residential 4" icon that has been added to your desktop. Right click it and select "properties" from the menu.
    5. Click on the "Compatibility" Tab at the top of the porperties window and put a check in the box "Run as Administrator" and click ok.
    6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for the "InspectVue Editor 4" icon.
    7. Now double click on the InspectVue Residential 4" to run the program.
    8. A small pop-up window will appear informing you your Master Library will need to be complied/generated. Click on "Continue"... this may take a while so please be patient.
    9. Once this is completed, two windows will open up. One will simply be a progress window logging the status of the print engine installation, not to worry, once complete simply click "ok to close it.
    10. the second window will actually be the InspectVue R4 program itself. In the lower left corner of the program, you will see a button that reads"unlock after purchase" or words to that effect. Click this button please.
      Click HERE for pictures of the Install Process.
    11. Next, open InspectVue Residential 4 from the desktop. At the top is a menu bar. Locate "Tools", then select "Program Options" and finally choose "Reinstall Amyuni PDF Driver".
    Additional Instructions for InspectVue Residential 4 on Windows7/Vista (64-Bit)
    1. Follow steps 1 through 10 above.
    2. Locate the “C:\Program Files (x86)” Folder on the Local Disk c:\ drive.
    3. Within this folder, locate the “InspectVue R4” folder. Right click on this folder, and choose “Copy”.
    4. Now, we need to locate the “C:\Program Files” folder, and we’re going to paste the folder in here.
    5. NOTE: Do not move the InspectVue folder as you must have a copy of InspectVue in each folder''
    6. Next, you will need to download PDFCreator (Link). Once this program is downloaded, you'll need to run it.
    7. NOTE: pay close attention to the install process, and do not install the PDF forge toolbar (uncheck both boxes)
    8. See Section "Instructions for using PDFCreator" for more information.

    Unlocking the Software

    1. Another window will appear with your serial number of your software. ** Write This Number Down** as you will need it again in a moment.
    2. After you have copied the serial number, locate and click the button that reads "Retrieve Unlock Code" or words to that effect. (**Please note that your computer must be connected to the internet for this step to complete.)
    3. Your Internet Browser will open and you will be taken to our software unlock page on our website. Enter your name as it appeared when you purchased the software In your case that would be "XXXXXXXXXXXX"
    4. In the second box enter the serial number of your software, and click "Generate"
    5. If your subscription is current or you have spoken with technical support and were instructed to follow these procedures, your Unlock code should be displayed. (keep in mind that all letter are upper case and there are no Letter O's only zeros)
    6. copy This code and enter it into the box requesting the unlock code in InspectVue R4
      Click HERE for pictures of the unlock process.

    Instructions for using PDFCreator

    1. Now that you've installed PDFCreator, we need to learn how to use it. We're going to need to change your way of thinking about previewing a report.
      Open InspectVue and create a new test inspection. Once you are able, open the Print/Preview window by clicking the button in the top left of the inspection. There are some caveats in this screen. If you click ANY of the "PREVIEW" buttons on this screen, the program will crash. The button that will crash InspectVue is the Preview button. Try and get used to clicking the Print button to "Preview" your report. I know this seems counter-intuitive, but it might help to think of it like this: We don't want to Print an actual report. We instead want to "Print" to PDFCreater so we can "Preview" it. The next steps will explain how to get this to work.
      • Click the Print button.
      • You will be prompted to select a printer. Locate the new PDFCreator printer we installed (which you may have renamed to something else in the steps above).
      • Select the PDFCreator, and click Print.
      • After a few seconds, you will be presented with the PDFCreator menu. Ignore the boxes, and in the bottom right, click "Save".
      • Now, select a place to store this report. Most inspectors will store it within their Documents folder. Others have created some other schema.
      • In the File Name box at the bottom, type the report's name and click "Save".
      That's it. Adobe reader should now open up with your report inside it. You no longer need to then save the file from Adobe since it's already saved in the location you chose above. If you need to go back and make some changes to this report, you can simply save on top of this file. Make sure you close Adobe Reader before asking PDFCreator to save another copy of a report.

    Good Luck!

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    Default Re: Inspectvue with Windows 7


    The "Run as Administrator" is important. The executable files as well as stopping the install (don't click FINISH) upon install... go out of the program and ensure the IV4 and Library Editor are both "Run as Administrator" are checked for both.

    The other DEAL KILLER with this software is Adobe Reader X... you will not be able to preview/create files. Install Reader 9.4.

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    Default Re: Inspectvue with Windows 7

    Thanks for the responses. I think I'm going to go with XP on my Mac and not fool with it. I know IV4 works great with XP.
    Yes, that Adobe X was a real pain. I had to uninstall X and go back to 9 too.


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