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    Default Run time error 62 ?? Inspectvue R4

    I met a problem in run Inspectvue program R$. When I want to attach pictures into file. It shows "run time error 62 and input past end of file" and the programe will shut down itself. Please help me to solve it, thanks

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    Default Re: Run time error 62 ?? Inspectvue R4

    Make the picture name a short name and enter it on its own line.

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    Default Re: Run time error 62 ?? Inspectvue R4

    sometimes if you un-check "copy client information" box below client info... it will reduce that error.

    Also, if your application gets buggy or won't open that particular file, you can select to copy report from the main menu...

    It will usually open then, just have to re-enter client and realtor info.


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