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    Default Need Palm template that meets -NEW- ASHI SoP

    We are looking to update our reporting system. We like what we see OVERALL in the Palm software, it's system, and its ability to deliver on site.

    HOWEVER... the stock templates, as good as they are, do not even come CLOSE to meeting the -NEW- ASHI standards.

    The New Standards require :
    3. reasoning or explanation as to the nature of the deficiencies
    reported in 2.2.B.1, that are not self-evident,


    Example, a rocking toilet that needs a wax ring now needs a comment about future leaks and possible structural damage. Electrical problems need to call out fire and shock hazards,... and a cracked block walls needs to call out the possibility of structural failure....

    Before we would convert, we would need do MASSIVE edits, or find a "newer" template that comes at least close.... Needless to say, this has stopped up in the past, and is stopping us now....

    Or...does anyone have a Palm template that meets the new SoP they are willing to share/sell?

    Inspection Referral SOC

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    Default Re: Need Palm template that meets -NEW- ASHI SoP

    Bob I use HI Pro when I wear my best hat and Palm -Tech when I work with another inspector.
    What I did was write inspection reports, all the text first, save that as a template, then add pics and save the report. After 2 weeks I had a nice batch of templates.
    I save those templates in a separate folder. My SOP is diff so can't help.

    John Kogel, RHI, BC HI Lic #47455

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    Default Re: Need Palm template that meets -NEW- ASHI SoP


    You can just tweak your boiler plate comments and save them in the can. Each of us have our specific style anyway. The best way for you to be perfectly comfortable with what you produce is for you to be the actual author.

    Inspectors who rely only on comments written by software companies produce marginal reports at best. They sometimes produce total crap.

    I use Palmtech too. You can write new comments or tweak existing ones (and save) as you write the report. So there is no need to really sit down and do everything all at once. I'm sure you can do this with other software too.

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    Default Re: Need Palm template that meets -NEW- ASHI SoP

    I've yet to see any software that covers everything right out of the box.
    Many defects are self evident, so it isn't that much of a stretch to go thru the library you use now, and start adding verbiage where its needed. In a short time you will have your library converted.

    At least in the software I use, I can modify a narrative comment and save it to me library, so that its changed for the next time.

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