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    Default Anyone using Horizon Software?

    Hello my brothers and sisters, I am currently using a particular company's software which was really pushed on me at their training seminar. The trouble is, I don't like it! This may be because I never received any training on it. There is a users manual, and it's MSWord based, so it should be simple. The other problem is that I bought the PDA version to speed things up, and it won't add the data in the right places. My question is anyone using the Carson-Dunlop software Horizon? And, if so, how do you like it? I like the online's much quicker, which is my biggest headache with the Inspectit Plus. I would like something that I can take with me to the inspection, collect my data on a PDA, take all necessary pictures, and when I get done, I can sync up and upload, and paste the pics, enter my comments, and print the report. I don't think that's asking too much. THe C-D Horizon claims it can do that, and I know its web-based, but my equipment can crash just like a web page, so its really tit-for-tat on that. Any comments???

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    Default Re: Anyone using Horizon Software?

    We have been in the home inspection software business for over 10 years and have since day 1 concentrated on the data collection side of it by offering inspection software on a handheld device (including the PocketPC devices). Please make sure to check out our product out before you make a final decision.
    It is not a web based app but is a standalone app on the PocketPC.

    Jeff Knight


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