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    Default inspection software

    I have been doing all of my reports from microsoft word and its taking me to long to generate my reports. I am looking into getting some inspection software to hopefully speed up the process. From everyones experience what software would you recommend and why?

    Thank you.


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    Default Re: inspection software


    If you go to the "Reports" section located on the page where all the different threads are located, there is probably a ton of information on this subject.

    Many many posts on different software with inspector opinions.


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    Default Re: inspection software


    Just search for report software and you will find a variety of opinions. Things have not changed that much over the years.....


    Rick Bunzel

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    Default Re: inspection software

    Yes there is a ton of info already posted on this matter in another thread. Losts of differing opinions. But Ill just give you mine real quick...I started out using AHIT's Inspectit software(which basically is just MS word with macros) and after using it for a few weeks, I decided it wasnt for me and got my money back.

    I am now looking at homegauge and have produced a few practice reports using the demo version(which is a fully operational version) and have liked what I have seen. Totally customizable. I plan on purchasing it in the next few weeks.

    But take a look at that other thread and read everyones opinion first because chances are, someone mentioned a feature of another software that you might like better! Good luck!

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    Default Re: inspection software

    As I have said many times before...I would recommend making a top 5 list of features that are critical to what you are looking for and then find out which ones meet all those needs. An example may be: 1) Does the software run on a device that I can use AS I am doing an inspection (to avoid reentry later - like on a PocketPC) ? 2) Does it have the option of printing in the field ? 3) How does it handle pictures and can I include them right in the body of the report ? 4) Does it create a Summary report automatically for me ? 5) Can I edit the report outside of the software in Word without being tied to it's own proprietary text editor. 6) How complicated is the software to use and to change the template and how busy are the screens?

    Most importantly you need to decide whether you are looking for "reporting software" (meant to be used AFTER the inspection)...or "data collection software" (meant to be used DURING the inspection). Some inspectors want to always do the report AFTER the inspection and others would like to avoid the reentry process...unfortunately a lot of times the inspector is using the wrong type of software for how they want to do it. They are, in essence, trying to put a square peg in a round hole. (An example would be you trying to use InspectIt in the field on a laptop as you are doing your inspection. The software and interface are designed to be used after the inspection...not during.)


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