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    Default New old or Second quality...

    Ok, this one has me baffled...

    Walked a roof today and it looked good at first...
    No buckling, burning, loos of granules, no nails showing all the stuff that is a CLEAR indicator of issues...

    But then...

    The exposure looks wrong... too much of the shadow is showing..
    The, why are there what look like CUTS in so many of the shingles...I would think they were cracks, but they are too regular and in too many of the shingles...

    What am I seeing....

    I have large Hi-res pictures if someone wants to take a look.....

    What looks like cracks are changes in THICKNESS of the shingles...weird...

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    Default Re: New old or Second quality...

    I would not condemn the amount of exposure based on the appearance of the granule shading line. There are some products made that use the exposed darker granules to create a shade line for appearance.

    Jim Luttrall
    Plano, Texas


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