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    Default Post-Frame Building Roof

    I do not look at many pole buildings, so I am not sure if this rake trim is installed correctly - somehow, it just doesn't look right to me. Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Post-Frame Building Roof

    Looks like it is not quite installed correctly as it should not be flipping up at the edge on the roof. Looks like they pulled it down on the side.

    Also, the rake trim is usually required to be attached to the roof at specified intervals, and that looks like it is not.

    Usually they attach it to the roof first, laying it against the rake, then secure the sides to the wall. That one looks like the installer was on a ladder, laid it on the roof, then pulled down as tight as he could.

    That will allow water to enter under the raised lip on the roof (if not sealed and attached properly on the roof).

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    Default Re: Post-Frame Building Roof

    poor planning, bad layout on the roofing. the rake trim ideally should go over a hi rib to help prevent that issue. did the other end look right?

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    Default Re: Post-Frame Building Roof

    Looks like a barn roof. A couple of little leaks won't matter in a barn...right! When the layout doesn't quite work then you fold the edge of the panel up and bring the rake metal over it. That appears to be an exposed fastner metal roof, best served for barns not homes. Good shingles will outlast this roof.

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    Default Re: Post-Frame Building Roof


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