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    Default The first thing we do, let's killl all the roofers . . .

    Jim Hime sent me this. He does not post here often, though I do wish he would. He has my attitude - on steriods.

    The Galveston County Daily News

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    Default Re: The first thing we do, let's kill all the roofers . . .

    Probably from Grandpa's collection ... one rolled away and no one knew it.

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    Default Re: The first thing we do, let's killl all the roofers . . .

    When I lived in hanover Mass there was about 40 acres behind me I used for practice runs on my dirt bike. I was cutting across from one trail to another and stopped to relieve myself.

    The use to be an ammo plant further back thru the woods. While I was taking care of business I looked slightly to the left and something caught my eye.

    It turned out the the ammo plant had a fire and obviously explosions years back and a land mine blew off into the woods and was never found when they did their clean up. Like an idiot I carefully carried the land mine back and set it at the edge of the property and called the police to pick it up. This fool shows up and I showed him my find. He picks it up and literally throws it in the back seat of the cruiser which at that time I hit the deck.

    Th only reason I took it myself was there where kids out there riding all thru the woods and they saw me when I was checking it out. I did not want them to hear the big bang while messing with it.

    Anyway this guy takes off down the road and then brings it in the station which I later found out he was repromanded harshly.

    Some folks just have no sense at all. This was an anti tank mine. He could have taken out the station or at the very least both me and him when throwing it in his back seat.


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