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Thread: Fuzzy Shingles

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    Talking Fuzzy Shingles

    Looking from the ground I was a bit puzzled. Once I got on the roof things became "clear" ... sort of.

    Only the ridge was fuzzy.

    And then the buyer as well as their agent asked if they would "really" have to replace them.

    Well, now. That started a whole new conversation.

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    Default Re: Fuzzy Shingles

    Hard to tell from the photo, but it looks like the granules are all gone and the felt remains, which gets fuzzy real quick when exposed to rain and wind.

    Those would be considered as 'shot' (which is a technical term for 'worse than bad' ) and need replacing.

    Jerry Peck
    Construction/Litigation/Code Consultant - Retired

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    Default Re: Fuzzy Shingles

    Question is why did those become "Shot" so much quicker than rest of shingles?
    I see caps age a little quicker but not that bad.

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    Default Re: Fuzzy Shingles

    Quite often on architectural shingles, the ridge is a different shingle, sometimes even a different brand. The regular architectural shingle can't be cut down and used like a cheap 3 tab since it is made to look irregular. My guess is this was a cheap 3 tab that looked close and used instead of the correct manufacturer supplied ridge shingle. No one notices until that start to loose granules. Lots of difference in the durability of a 30 year shingle and a 15 year.

    Jim Luttrall
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    Cool Re: Fuzzy Shingles

    Wasn't this a late 60's thing? Oh, wait a minute, that was green shag carpet and fuzzy Elvis paintings.

    Looks like what Jim said except it may be special cap shingles from this mfr. but a bad batch. Same idea as starter courses so you don't have to trim the tabs. Get it all from one stop. Kinda hard to make cap shingles out of some styles of architectural shingles.

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