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    Default Exposed Ridge Nails

    I found this on an inspection in Central California. No roof leaks were evident, but we dont get a ton of rain here. House was built in 2001 and the surrounding roofs appear to have the same condition.

    Is there ever a time when these nailing techniques would be considered proper?

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    Default Re: Exposed Ridge Nails

    There shouldn't be exposed ridge cap nails-- I doubt it will ever leak though, even in Oregon.

    The nails at the flashing are pretty typical- I'd recommend sealing them.

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    Default Re: Exposed Ridge Nails

    Here is the little blurb I put in my reports concerning this, and I see this a lot!

    There are several exposed nail heads. Metal expands when it rusts, which can create a potential for leaks. All exposed nail heads need to be covered with a waterproof sealant so as to help prevent water entry into the structure.

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    Default Re: Exposed Ridge Nails

    The ridge vent and cap looks to be installed wrong, looks like water could just roll back into the ridge vent.

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    Default Re: Exposed Ridge Nails

    The last house I lived in here in Fresno, CA was just like the one in your pictures, as were all the homes in that development. Not saying it's right, in fact the company that put all the homes up in that neighborhood is being sued due to the over all poor construction of the homes.

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    Default Re: Exposed Ridge Nails

    wrong! tear off and install per directions on the package. if you were to climb into some of these attics you might see rusty nails and dripping off the nails after a period of time. i seen it!

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    Default Re: Exposed Ridge Nails

    Pretty crappy install but that's what they make Solarseal for.
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