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    Default Worst Roof Story

    What’s the worst that could happen? That is what a client ask when I told him he could not climb up on the roof with me doing an inspection. My answer sufficed but it got me wondering as to what are some of your worst roof inspection events/stories? Anyone interested in sharing?

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    Default Re: Worst Roof Story

    Not a roof story but I had a guy insist on following me into a semi-finished attack after I told him not to. He ended up dropping one leg through the attic floor through the ceiling of the bedroom below.
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    Default Re: Worst Roof Story

    It's never happened to me but how about your client falling off the roof to an untimely death or sustaining a lifelong dibilitating injury? Or your client knocking you off the roof? Or the client knocking the ladder down? The last thing we need to worry about while walking a roof is worrying about another person up there with us. If they want to see what's up there, I'll tell them I'll take extra pictures just for them.

    I had a client follow me into an attic uninvited. I was already well into the attic when I turned around to see he wasn't just coming up the ladder for a peak. He insisted he knew where to step and knew waht he was doing. 10 seconds later, he took the express route into the bathroom below.


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