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    Default Minimum slope metal

    Anyone know the minimum roof slope that is required for a standing seam metal roof? IRC 905.4.2 specifies 3:12 minimum for metal roof "shingles" but standing seam metal does not appear to be addressed anywhere in chapter 9.

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    Most standing seam roofs require a 3/12 slope for standard installs, you can install it with less slope, the supplier of the panels should be able to give the requirements for this application. This of course is the manufacturer's requirement and not the code.

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    There are two different types of standing seam, those that do not have sealant in the seam (some times called a snap lock type) these require a underlayment and are usullay 3:12 or unless on battens with special undrelayments. The other type is a mechanicaly seamed with sealant in the seam , these can go down to a 1/4:12 , Old standing seam with solder in the joints can also go to 1/4:12

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    It is all proprietary, the panel manufacturer will tell you how low of a slope you can install their product. Generally anything under 4:12 will require a Peel& Stick membrane (Ice & Water) and anything under 2:12 is not recommended. It can work on lower slopes but you are relying on the membrane application for your waterproofing.

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