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    Default Roof Coating Shingle Roofs

    I am in the process of updating a handout/ booklet that I give to Mobile Home Buyers.
    One common thing I see is there are a lot of mobile home owners that have someone, usually a semi retired person in the mobile home park, apply roof coating over the roof shingles, with the thought this will help reflect the sun and save energy costs. And instead of replacing the roof, the roof can then be re- coated every few years instead of replacing it.

    Besides voiding the shingle mfg. warranty. The problems I've seen with doing this is.. Most of the older homes have minuium attic venting ,this can auctually create moisture build up in the attic, and coating roof shingles can cause leaking due to blocking the shingle tabs, and restrict drainage.

    Are there any other problems when applying roof coatings over a shingle roof?

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    Default Re: Roof Coating Shingle Roofs

    Painting your roof, especially with elstomerics, will keep water "in" your roof and rotting anything organic, such as roofing felts, organic shingles (older but still out there) and plywood. I think that that is enouogh of a reason NOT to paint your roof. I have not seen any success stories with painting your roof, but then out here it rains 6 months of the year...all in a row.

    Frank Suchodolski, RRO

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    Default Re: Roof Coating Shingle Roofs

    Are you sure that you want to change metal of your roof?? if you really want to get it, try to choose the things that avoid sunlight and other ultra violet rays.


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