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    Default Roof flashings

    This is a log home. In my report, I reported that the roof/wall flashing is installed incorrectly. Apparently, a roofer looked at it and said it was okay. Any comments?



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    No counter flashings, and the top edges are sealed with caulk/mastic?
    Sure it's fine, as long as the homeowner knows he will be maintaining that seal for as long as he owns the residence. Thermal movement and UV exposure will open those babies up continuously. One consideration: Is the area below each of these roof/wall interfaces interior or exterior? If they are exterior, the only real consideration becomes potential deterioration of the rafter and roof sheathing directly adjacent to the wall.

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    Default Re: Roof flashings

    Thanks David.

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    Curb & freeboard (usually a 2x4) wasn't installed, and cut in cap flashing absent. step flashing was applied (too low) poorly formed & nailed/chinked/caulked over the logs (oops!).

    Chinking or caulk on top of the cut in flashing where it cuts into the upward slope of the let-in to the log is normal, and like all caulking and chinking in a log structure requires regular inspection and maintenance.

    Attached a pdf diagram which details the angle cut-in for cap flashing to log walls for adjoining roof, the curb/freeboard, and step flashing.

    If I'm seeing this right in two photos you also have a mini-slope flowing into the walls, one mini-dead valley with water flowing back into shingles...Hmmm. (under window mid-wall).

    I'm starting to think that this was an overlay of architectual over top of 3-tab, and that the "roofer" consulted was the same party who installed the overlay & suspect "flashing" wrong in the first place.

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    HG, thank you.

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    Find a new roofer!


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