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    Default Plumb vent near valley

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    Default Re: Plumb vent near valley

    Being near the valley is not so much of a problem as it not flashed properly. I see some exposed nail heads too.

    Its a leaker if not already.

    Vent pipe doesn't appear to be painted either.


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    Default Re: Plumb vent near valley

    I agree with Rick. Its terribly flashed. Looks like amateur work. Could it be that a squirrel ate off the original flashing and the home owner covered it up with this Home Depot part.

    I wasn't aware of a requirement for painting vent pipe. I guess all the ones I see are covered. UV protection?

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    Default Re: Plumb vent near valley

    Those Home Depot rubber gromets are a joke. These are a problem, not a solution.

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    Default Re: Plumb vent near valley

    Where is it stated the PVC vent pipe must be UV protected (painted) I have only seen one or two painted and with in 1-3 years the paint is pealing off and looks like Hel_.

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    Default Re: Plumb vent near valley

    The valley needs to be flashed to a min 18" from the center, roof penetrations closer than this compromise the flashing.


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