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Thread: Ridge shingles

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    Default Ridge shingles

    It appears these shingles were simply attached to the ridge but do not appear to be intended to be installed in this fashion. Is this the case of am I off the mark.

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    Default Re: Ridge shingles

    Those are not Ridge shingles and should be replaced. Those are standard roof shingles.
    You have to order the ridge shingles with architectural shingles and guess who forgot?
    And got paid

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    Default Re: Ridge shingles

    They make cap shingles that are perforated or a three tab shingle is used for the cap. Looks like the roofers had neither and decided to use the laminated shingles that were left.

    Unlike a three tab shingle that are one piece the laminated shingles are two pieces that overlap an inch or so in the middle. I have seen laminated cap shingles that were basically just double thickness but there is no manufacture that allows laminated shingles to be used as cap.


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