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    Default Shingle mold past the shingles

    If the aluminum shingle mold hangs out past the shingles by 1/2 an inch, does that not constitute a potential problem worthy of mention?


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    Default Re: Shingle mold past the shingles

    If you are speaking of the drip edge flashing at the lower edge of a roof or even the rake edge flashing at the sides, Yes it is worth mentioning, would give the manufacturer an out on a defect suit and generally looks like crap.
    The shingle itself is meant to be the drip edge and the flashing is meant to hold up the shingle as well as be a secondary water repellant.
    If there is no overhang the water will run down the face of the flashing and possibly behind the gutter or down the siding which will cause leaks and damage.
    You can usually see signs that water is doing this by stains on the siding or windows.
    The more i type the worse it gets so i'll stop before you need a new roof


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