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Thread: Skylight pitch

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    Default Skylight pitch

    Does anyone know if there is a minimum roof pitch requirement for skylights?

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    Default Re: Skylight pitch

    Can't tell if those are Velux or Andersen. From what I remember 4/12. 3/12 on some models with a special flashing kit. You can check either website and they have install guides to download.
    Those are essentially flat. One looks like it might even be back pitched. Everything is wrong, the roofing, curb size, pitch, flashing, etc.
    Recommend immediate removal and proper installation of new units with proper curbs. If those things aren't leaking now, they will be soon.
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    Default Re: Skylight pitch

    I worked for a roofing manufacturer in my prior life. Low slope roofs are acceptable (1/4" x 12"). However, 8" curbs are required along with a cricket at the high side.

    Of course, the skylight manufacturers have their own requirements, judging by your picture none of those requirements were met...

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    Default Re: Skylight pitch

    I'm 99.9% sure those are Velux skylights. Velux make a skylight that can be curb mounted at 0 degrees, but that is not what is pictured, their fixed skylight requires a minimum pitch of 14 degrees.

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    Default Re: Skylight pitch

    Most all the big skylight manufacturers make flat roof units and commercial units (almost always flat). You'll need the data to check the specific model.

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    Default Re: Skylight pitch

    The pitch requirement is the least of their worries, looks like someone installed, no let me rephrase that, someone laid EPDM (rubber) on the low sloped roof and called it an installation. Carlisle or Firestone (membrane Manufacturers) both have their installation details outlined on their websites, you will not find anything that looks like that.

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    Default Re: Skylight pitch

    The simple attempt to silicone the top outer edges of the EPDM would make me want to write this installation up as a defect.

    If this particular skylight was manufactured for a flat roof, it would have had some sort of flared flashing draped right over the top of the EPDM to prevent moisture entry.

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    Default Re: Skylight pitch

    Hi ALL &

    Theoretically - especially with a torch-on membrane - such could be done on a 'flat' (same a roof-hatch access), but agree the manufacturer would /should have the final say...

    CHEERS !

    -Glenn Duxbury, CHI


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