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    Default Minimum slope requirements

    Hi, need quick answer. what is min. slope requirement for spanish tile installation.

    Mike Richards

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    Default Re: Minimum slope requirements

    If you can't identify the manufacturer and check their requirements:

    "(For clay tile roofs) NRCA recommends a minimum of one layer of No. 30 asphalt-saturated felt applied horizontally in shingle fashion on roof decks having a slope of 10:12 (40 degrees) or more. For roof decks having slopes of 4:12 (18 degrees) up to 10:12 (40 degrees), a minimum of two layers of No. 30 asphalt-saturated underlayment should be applied horizontally in shingle fashion. NRCA does not recommend installing tile roof systems on roof slopes less than 4:12 (18 degrees)." (Underline mine).

    - Clay tile and concrete tile | NRCA National Roofing Contractors Association

    Michael Thomas
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    Smile Re: Minimum slope requirements

    Thanks youv'e been a great help


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