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    Default Shingle problems

    I inspected a 15 year old house and found the shingles had started to fall apart. The top granular layer was missing in numerous places and on about all of the roof the granular layer was there but loose from the substrate below. I have attached a picture to see if anyone is familiar with this particular shingle. I believe it to be an Certainteed organic shingle that is included in the recall but am not sure.

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    Default Re: Shingle problems

    What recall??? Do you mean the Sept./Oct. 2010 Class Action Settlement?1) Even if they are Certainteed, the likelyhood in NC is less than four percent.2) Even if they are Cetainteed Organic (Asphaltic backing not fibergalss) shingles/Shangles The damage evidenced in the photos isn't covered - someone wove the shingles and did a poor job of it, then walked on the valley, which looks pretty low slope in the pic for a scalloped shingle anyway.3) Not the type of damage covered under the class.4) If they were Certainteed that would make them "Carriage House" (2-ply) I believe. No woven valleys allowed even 15 yrs. ago.


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