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    Default Flashing along roof rake

    The flashing, drip edge, along the rakes of this home were covered with an additional piece of trim. I have never seen this before. Seems like a bad idea, any thoughts. I'm sure there will be

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    Default Re: Flashing along roof rake

    Which came first, the extra trim or the shingles? If the trim was there first, the roofer did his job wrong.

    Often see molding or extra trim on rake boards here for shadow lines. BUT the shingles should overhang the rake.

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    Default Re: Flashing along roof rake

    Rake just not bad idea but just wrong.
    Rake trim board was added over the drip flashing.
    Why was it done. Could make a list, but does not matter.
    Normal practice is for the single to extend over rake, but not absolute.
    What is absolute is the flashing being correct.

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    Default Re: Flashing along roof rake

    The question really should be: Will this flashing / rake board set-up (unusual as it is) direct water to the exterior of the structure and away from the building? If it will then all is ok, but...

    It looks to me like water can get between the drip edge and the rake board. From there it will rot the rake board and possibly find ways into the attic and behind the siding via the soffit. Without being able to take a closer look, in my opinion, that is a code violation.


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