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    Default Unconventional flashing?

    The rake boards have metal casement trim with L-flashing tuck behind the metal casement trim /lying ontop of the shingles. I haven't seen this configuration before. I can't see any issues with it - - what do you all think? Acceptable?

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    Default Re: Unconventional flashing?

    Not required but, I would like to see 1 more row of shingles to cover the flashing, NOT NAILED down but secured with adhesive. I don't see anything else.

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    Default Re: Unconventional flashing?

    At the very least, the drip edge should be trimmed at an angle so it goes all the way down to the bottom, covering up the tops of all other flashings.

    I can see where water can (will likely?) leak into that.

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    Default Re: Unconventional flashing?

    It appears they bent the vertical side of the flashing to extend upon the roof deck, which is good. But I agree they should have run the drip edge all the way down until it meets the other roof line.

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