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    Default Re: Terminology help


    That is much less of a problem than many I see. Anyway, I would call it "soffit end at intersection with lower roof".

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    I would just reference; 'The upper-level soffit transition to lower-level roof covering".

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    Is that rotted out up in there?

    The shingles look like they did down right up under that soffit.

    I always referred to it as 'soffit return at roof intersection'.

    What's strikes me as really funky is that metal off to the right at the gable. That is designed for, and intended for, use on horizontal surfaces such as soffits, not vertical surfaces like that - I can see that thing leaking like crazy with wind driven rain, or even normal rail if that area is large enough, and that could be the source of what looks like a leak (the dip in the shingles I pointed out).

    Did you poke you hand down on those shingles and sheathing to see?

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    When I see this situation, I usually suggest that flashing be installed so water never reaches the soffit/roof intersection.

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    Do you have a wider view of this area of the roof?

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    If it's a front entry way I word it as:

    There is a void along the South side front entry soffit and roof transition. Recommend making the neccessary repairs to prevent vermin and or pest from intruding.


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