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    Question Wind Mit inspection debate

    I had a wind mit inspection on my roof recently from an inspector I paid, then the insurance company sent out an inspector. I recieved a notice from my insurance company stating they won't give me the original credits because the roof is attached to the wall differently according to the two inspectors. One inspector says its a "single wrap" another states its "clip", the difference is in how many nails are used. SO, I want to know which inspector is right, so I can fight this and get all my credits. Single Wrap should have 3 on one side and 1 on the other, totalling 4 or 3 total?

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    Default Re: Wind Mit inspection debate

    In order to qualify as a single wrap it must have three nails in the face of the wrap. With the wrap extending over the top of the truss and having an additional nail visible on the back side. Without this nailing pattern it will not qualify as a wrap.


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