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    Default Metal roof covering -

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    Default Re: Metal roof covering -

    Are you sure that is not metal decking with a concrete roof deck above?

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    Default Re: Metal roof covering -

    I agree, this does appear to be consistent with corrigated metal sub-decking often found beneath a conctete deck. It is usually found in comercial buildings. Did you examine the roof from the top? If you dont see any conctete from the top, DONT WALK ON IT!!! Not all states require solid sub-decking, but there should be horizontal supports at spaced in regular intervals. This does look like a really poorly sprayed insulation of some type...I wouldnt breath it.

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    Default Re: Metal roof covering -

    This is the same metal roof Jeff showed photos of in his other posts for this commercial building's roof.

    Usually, there are purlins (running perpendicular to the metal roofing) laid on rafters running parallel with the roof, the purlins support the metal roofing at the specified spacing intervals.

    Your photo looks like beams running perpendicular to the metal roofing with the metal roofing laid on the beam, this could work, and would work, the same as purlins if the spacing interval meets that specified for this metal roofing. Those beams are laid on the steel girders making up the metal building frame, as see at the bottom of that photo. (Those could be 'purlins', but look larger than any purlins I've seen, so I'm referring to them as 'beams'. What was the spacing of them?)

    Being as you were walking on the metal roofing and it did not cave in under your weight, I would suspect that the beam spacing was adequate.

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