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    Default Metal Roof - Standing Seam

    Okay...i'm having brain dump today. It's been several years since I've had to inspect a metal roof...just a quick double check with you....screw fasteners are not allowed on top of the standing seam or on top of the rake edge flashing, correct?

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    Default Re: Metal Roof - Standing Seam

    Not sure about "not allowed", but they shouldn't be needed on the standing seam parts. For the rake edge, I'm not getting a visual image of how else it would be fastened to the roof. If they used the typical "pro panel" screws with the rubber washer, I wouldn't be too concerned about it. I don't see it would be any different than the more typical metal panel roof.

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    Default Re: Metal Roof - Standing Seam

    Are you sure it is a standing seam roof?

    With screws into the top of the 'standing seams' is sounds more like you may be describing a ribbed roof panel or V-crimp roof panel.

    As Jim said, the rake edge closure/flashing is typically secured with screws, some along the top only (they hook over cleats or clips along the side), some along the top and side, and I think I've even seen some fastened along the side (those hooked over cleats or clips along the top).

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    Default Re: Metal Roof - Standing Seam

    Any pictures

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    Default Re: Metal Roof - Standing Seam

    This is one form of standing seam with concealed fasteners.

    The OP might have meant this as Jerry suggested.


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