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    Default Staple Fastners for Comp shingles

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    Default Re: Staple Fasteners for Comp shingles

    If the city only allows nails I would include what you said and say something stronger like City of Austin does not allow staple fasteners. Around here you need a permit for shingle installation. Was permit obtained if required at time of installation? If not replace roof.

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    Default Re: Staple Fastners for Comp shingles

    If your jurisdiction incorporates the use of the IRC, then they shouldn't allow staples UNLESS the manufacturer specifically states their use is acceptable. From the IRC:

    R905.2.5 Fasteners. Fasteners for asphalt shingles shall begalvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum or copper roofing nails, minimum 12 gage [0.105 inch (2.67 mm)] shank with a minimum 3/8-inch (9.5 mm) diameter head, ASTMF 1667, of a length to penetrate through the roofing materials and a minimum of 3/4 inch (19.1 mm) into the roof sheathing. Where the roof sheathing is less than 3/4 inch (19.1 mm) thick, the fasteners shall penetrate through the sheathing. Fasteners shall comply with ASTM F 1667.



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