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    Default Grace Ice and Water Sheild

    I know G I&W shield goes over the drip edge at the eaves. (Grace says "Do not fold over the roof edge unless the edge is protected by a drip edge, gutter or other flashing material." at

    But does it go under or over the drip edge at the rake?

    Is this documented somewhere?.

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    Default Re: Grace Ice and Water Sheild

    Polyglass, the big underlayment Brand down here, specifies the membrane should be installed over the drip edge.

    Polyglass Notice of Acceptance

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    Default Re: Grace Ice and Water Sheild

    From NACHI on-line education:

    Edge flashing
    All eave and rake edges need a flashing. These prevent rain water from wicking into the roof sheathing or decking as it leaves the roof covering. The profile of this flashing ensures that any drips from the edge fall away from the roof sheathing. It is for this reason that edge flashings are also commonly referred to as drip edges or drip flashings.

    In most roofing applications, the drip edge flashing should be installed under the moisture barrier, if fitted on the eave edge, and above the moisture barrier on the rake edge.


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