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    would a skylight greater than 30" inches need any other special flashing? Got to thinking about the requirements of chimneys requiring crickets and wonder if they would apply to skylights 4ft long.

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    R903.2.2 Crickets and saddles.
    - (blah, blah, blah)
    - - Exception: Unit skylights installed in accordance with Section R308.6 and flashed in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions shall be permitted to be installed without a cricket or saddle.

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    Maybe they know that the skylight will leak anyway, because they always do eventually.

    My peeve with many skylights is that they are installed down too close to the deck, so the head flashing is too short to stop a big flow of runoff.

    A cricket would work if the skylight was raised, but not for the usual low mount.

    Oh, yeah, check in the attic for a header, and check for weak attachment of the short rafters above and below.

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    I prefer this installation. No need to worry about run off.

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