Hi folks,
Wanted to get some input here as my solar panel knowledge is very limited. Was hired by a client to help pinpoint two leaks in the bathroom floor that he just noticed while remodeling. Some facts: Roof is 4 years old; Solar installed last year by separate company (roofer's warranty now void). Heavy rains last week (Bay Area) but client did a water-test before I arrived.

Some questionable items I saw: mounts for panels have standing water and don't drain properly. There's a rubber-like or spongy material in the base of the mount that I couldn't identify but imagine may absorb water. Also looks like they made a mistake in outlaying the mounts as there are 4 unused mounts. Silicone or caulk appears to not be put down properly. Should these mounts be retaining water like that? I imagine the mounts must penetrate the roof so surmise a leak could be occurring from there.

I also noticed the modified bit was installed vertically and not horizontally; seams appear intact. Curb flashing not sealed at the base or fasteners. Any other thoughts? Siding/trim on the side wall looked good other than some weathered paint.

Your comments are appreciated - P1240011s.JPGP1240009s.JPG[ATTAP1240001s.JPGCH]34144[/ATTACH]P1240015s.JPGP1240024s.JPGP1240020s.JPG

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