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    Default New Construction

    Has anyone seen anything like this before on new construction. Its there suppose to be step flashing here on the sidewall ?

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    Default Re: New Construction


    Sure looks like it should have step flashing. Did you try to lift the shingles along that intersecting wall to see if they were covered by the shingles?

    If that is stone veneer, I believe the manufacturer's installation instructions require a gap/void between the bottom edge of the veneer and the roof shingles. It would be necessary to refer to the manufacturer's documentation.

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    Default Re: New Construction

    I would also expect the manufacturer to require a gap between the shingles and the brick veneer. That joint is going to blow apart over the next few winters, most likely.

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    Default Re: New Construction

    Wow, that's really pathetic as an install.
    The mortar is going to crumble out from winter and typical movement. After that who knows how quick it will leak. If they did that would they reasonably put proper flashing from the shingles to the wall? Possible but unlikely.
    Another question would be about drainage plane specifications for that veneer wall.
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