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    The front section shingles appear newer than the rear shed section. Yes? It looks like they nailed and glued the rear section to what was once a ridge vent. Hard to see. I can't imaging a professional roofer doing the front and not the back. Homeowner job? Pooling leaks. Two roofers and one leisurely afternoon should do the trick. Plywood included.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin Luce View Post
    they want to replace the whole roof.
    Not a bad idea.

    could this have been caused by the bad weather we have been having.

    "could this have been caused by" ... no, but the bad weather brought out the flaws in the installation, which can likely only be corrected by a tear off and re-do, including creating a slope to the roof to facilitate run-off of the water and eliminate any and all ponding water.

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