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    When I see them they are generally lag-bolted down. I note that such installations may not be compliant with the the shingle manufacturer's requirements, are a potential source of leaks, and that there are a number of mounts specifically designed for comp shingle roofs, for example:

    SuperDeck 12-inch Satellite Dish Mounting System
    Satellite Dish Mounting Hardware - HomeTech Solutions

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    They are "improperly flashed" when installed that way.

    Remove the dish, replace the now damaged shingles, install pitch pans and properly flash and fill the pitch pan.

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    Dish techs in Houston area love to lag bolt them into roofing near near the soffits. Although I have seen several near the roof ridge with the cable routed through plumbing vents. They drill a hole in the vent line inside the attic then run the cable through the vent.

    Cable techs arent much better. I have seen several ran through brick without even putting any type of sealant on them. Worst yet, they didnt even have drip loops. Remember, they used to use chain for down spouts. A coaxial cable is an excellent conduit for channeling rain water into a home if not correctly done.

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    In defense of cable and sat installers, I checked out a company called that does the installs for BestBuy and others. They pay $75 to install a dish and a reciever in a house. I don't know why a company would work for that rate unless they could do one a hour. That is way you see shody work on these installs. warranty the install for a year plus furnish all material execpt for the dish and the reciever.


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