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    Default Cracked Arc-Comp Shingles

    1996 house, spider web cracking throughout the shingles. I seem to remember something about a recall or at least a well known problem with some Owens Corning shingles from this time period.

    These aren't as bad as I've seen but certainly something worth pointing out.

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    Default Re: Cracked Arc-Comp Shingles


    I see defective shingles like that fairly often. A local roofing contractor told me that defects of this nature are common with pretty much every manufacturer. To me, it does not matter which manufacture of roof, just that it is defective. You have a couple of choices. My experience in my area is that this does not immediately lead to leaks, but will not last a lot longer. Roofing contractors generally recommend replacement.

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    Default Re: Cracked Arc-Comp Shingles

    Seven years ago I had roof with similar signs. Elk High profile comp shingles with small hairline cracks- no real cause could be discerned. Owner called the manufacturer who sent a rep. to inspect. Though the roof was 6-7 years old and installed ( correctly for all outward appearences) by a non contractor, Elk paid the owner nearly enough to completely replace the defective comps, labor included. Owner only had to produce the original materials receipt.

    There was something wrong with the adhesive strips that didn't allow the shingles to expand & contract properly.

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    Default Re: Cracked Arc-Comp Shingles

    I see this a lot in certainteed Horizan shingles. I usually adive of premature flaws and the possiblity of a warranty claim with the manufacturer. I then recommended haveing a licesned contractor determine if a warranty claim needs to be made.


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