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    Default Unshingled flashing

    There was a large amount of flashing left exposed around this chimney chase. The largest dimension was ~ 22". I understand why they tried to flash like this, but I dont understand why they didnt try to shingle over it. Opinions?

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    Default Re: Unshingled flashing

    I don't see that as a problem. Installing shingles over that would just poke holes in the metal.

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    Default Re: Unshingled flashing

    Re: Chimney in valley

    Originally Posted by Jerry McCarthy
    Code ref. number please. There's no doubt it's a bad location, but I'm unaware of a code restriction for doing such? (hope I'm wrong)

    Jerry. Are you questioning the figures in the quote or that the Chimney is not allowed in a valley by code? I do not think the quote implies that there is a code prohibiting chimneys in valleys. Quote says " Therefore no chimney(s), plumbing vent(s), or flue stack(s) should be placed within 18" of a valley.
    It says should not shall. Just a recommendation.
    As for the figures 2003 IRC R905.2.8.2.
    There may be some disagreement on these figures as I think I remember Jerry P and Richard Rushing going round and round on this issue. I could use some enlightenment myself.

    This was in another post a few weeks back. may want to see if any is applicable.



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    Default Re: Unshingled flashing

    My chief concerns would be installation details you likely can't evaluate in this case: aspects such as how far the flashing extends up under the siding and if there is a counter flashing. So IMO it's very important to separately and specifically disclaim the ability to evaluate such flashings at each location were insufficient hold-back from the roof membrane or other factors prevent full evaluation.

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    Default Re: Unshingled flashing

    Quote Originally Posted by imported_John Smith View Post
    I don't understand why they didn't try to shingle over it.
    Because You Can't see it from the Ground.

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