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    Default When will it ever end?

    Why do so many people insist on someone to blame for anything that goes wrong? It seems that every 3 years or so, something like this happens. I inspect a house, 15+ year old concrete tile roof, report the flashing needs service but everything else OK. I see no broken tiles anywhere (from the eves, all around). No moisture anywhere inside or in the attic, also with IR. They move in and 2&1/2 months later, there is leaking. There are broken tiles found over the master bedroom. Of course it's all my fault. Oh, this is Oregon. It rains here. It was raining the day of the inspection, but nothing then. Off we go, legal lotto. Makes you want to puke. This is someone who knows me quite well too.

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    Default Re: When will it ever end?

    Hey scott. dude just stick to your guns.
    This goes along with Jacks crappy day story.

    Best to ya.


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    Default Re: When will it ever end?

    I guess there was no rain in those 2.5 months. You should counter sue them for your wasted time that you could be out working.

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    Default Re: When will it ever end?

    I had a post yesterday about a bad day. A realtor called me because a toilet flooded a house I Inspected a month after my inspection and the day before the guy is to move in. I have inspected countless homes thru this realtor and saved her clients untold 10's of thousands over the years. The first words out of her mouth was "how did we miss a bad toilet"

    Today I just found out that the cleaning company was in the home till midnight the night before the guy was to move in. She flush a bunch of paper towels down the toilet. When it started overflowing she opened up the tank and pulled up on the float to stop it damaging the old float. It did stop somewhat and she thought she stopped it and all was done. I guess it was still trickling and the trickle turned into an all out flow. Can you say many inches of water standing in this mans home when all arrived with the moving truck to move in. He saw the water coming under the front door. When he opened the door the house emptied out the front entryway.

    The first words out of this Realtors mouth was how did we miss a bad toilet.

    Oh well, at least I won't be hearing from a lawyer.



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