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    Default Rafters too short

    Was performing a one year warranty inspection this morn when I came across some poorly cut roof rafters. 3100 sq ft, walk up attic.

    Many of the rafters were cut at the wrong compound angle and were shimmed with cut off ends of 2x. The shims were cracked or split, probably when the nails were driven.

    It will go as a Further Evaluate but looking for your thoughts about it. So when the builder calls and says it is fine, I will be prepared to let him know how and why it is not.

    Also, the framers nailed a 2x2 to the bottom of the 2x8 ridge board. Simply nailed the 2x2 into the bottom of the ridge board about every 18-24 inches.


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    Default Re: Rafters too short

    I guess you have to look at it this way. At least the made the attempt to throw a shim in here and there. It sure is a lot of here and there though.

    As far as future effect. I doubt there will be much. They all appear to be well sandwiched. Is it right, no. Is a builder going to do anything about it maybe. What will he do? Maybe sister some of those rafters but I doubt it.

    Call it it out and let someone else add their opinion to yours and if they both match the builder will more than likely do something.

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    Default Re: Rafters too short

    I would be concerned about the:
    1. Hip ridge attachment via the lag bolts. The bottom lag bolt is splitting out the other ridge, the angle of the nails do not look like they have any holding value. There are minimum bolt distances from the edge that have to be maintained, etc.
    2. Some engineered lumber manufactures design the structural ridge to be installed with the writing “UP”.
    3. The Romex does not appear to be secured at the proper intervals.

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    Default Re: Rafters too short

    Looks like the nail gun was fully automatic.

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    Default Re: Rafters too short

    Guess you gotta learn to use a saw somewhere.
    Why not while building a $400,000 (?) house ??

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    Default Re: Rafters too short

    Bruce I had one like that along time ago. Wrote it up and said the AHJ should take another look. They did and shims was the fix. You think after a couple of cuts they would of gotten it right. What happened they probably cut them all at one time an said Ohh sh#t It's off.
    Big concern would be that splitting from the bolts.

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    Default Re: Rafters too short

    I'm not sure about this applying to all conditions, but it sure makes sense that it would:

    When working with trusses, straps, and shims, *ALL SHIMS* shall be independently secured to the trusses, least a shim come loose and fall out.

    Looking at those photo, *NONE* of the shims are independently attached to the rafters and *ALL* look like they could come loose and fall out.

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