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    I have only inspected one steel framed house. They are few and far between in North Central Texas. Can someone who has more experience in this area suggest a good training course to get an old-school carpenter up to speed?

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    There are other situations associated with a steel framed building besides the framing.

    Is the steel grounded?
    Strapping may be required for a 'good' positive connection to the foundation.
    If romex is used as wiring, are grommets installed in the studs?
    How are the kitchen cabinets secured?
    How is the trim installed (glued or screwed?)
    Tell your clients special requirements are needed when installing heavy items on the wall (ie- flat screen TV)
    If any siding other than brick is installed, the installer cheated and didn't screw into the studs, you can take that to the bank!

    Around 1986, we did a 'model' steel frame house for a company called Trafalger in Maryland. The only wood in the house was the plywood roof sheathing & sub-floors. Everything, including the roof trusses and floor joists were metal framed. If you have metal 'c' channel for the floor joists, squash blocks are needed at bearing points.

    It was funny. the house backed up to power lines; you never saw 7 guys RUN as fast as we did when a lighting storm came (ah, the good old days).

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