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    Default Gutter discharge

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    Default Re: Gutter discharge

    This downspout is a bigger problem than having another 90 to help it shed water (right now it will push under shingles) so to answer your question yes bad idea...even better would be to get downspout to terminate in that lower gutter for discharge

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    The roofing will wear quicker in that area as the increased and concentrated ater flow will dislodge the granules more quickly. Also as Ed stated, the water could be directed under the adjacent shingles. Better to discharge the water to the downspout below, or even better to the ground.

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    I would guess that if that is an upside down shingle placed there, that a leak was already detected. It appears that no kick out flashing was employed. And did the siding come into contact with the shingles or were you looking at flashing along that wall.
    I'm not aware of code addressing this specific issue. R801.3 addresses general roof drainage, which this house may not have met either. I don't know the soil type based on this picture, but if it is expansive or collapsible soil, that downspout pictured should have termiinated at least 5 feet away from the building.
    Re: that 90, turn it around. I'm npt seein any pitch on the gutter. Was there?

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    I always suggest that a metal splash diverter be installed to minimize deterioration to the roof surface where the gutter dumps on a roof surface. It is considered an improvement and nobody does it but I think it is a good idea.

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    Smile Re: Gutter discharge

    I see a lot of this myself. Although I don't know of any "Code" requirement for the builder to bring the downspout to the gutter, I always recommend to the buyer to bring it down to the gutter to prevent premature wear on the shingles.

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