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    Default Some TJI notchiing alowed, per Weyerhaeuser

    Hum... per Weyerhaeuser, certain types of notches to the top flanges of TJIs are acceptable.

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    Default Re: Some TJI notchiing alowed, per Weyerhaeuser

    Weyerhaeuser is a major manufacturer of engineered I-joist. Although this is published by Weyerhaeuser, I would anticipate that other manufacturers would agree with this publication. Only time will tell.

    The size of the allowable cuts in the top cord are not that large. Most of the time when I find a cut cord, it is to accommodate a PVC trap for a shower or the lines for a toilet. This type of cut is huge, they call them "plunge" cuts, they are common and they do have a specific repair design.

    Regardless of this publication, as a home inspector I would still report any cut cord on an engineered I-joist and let the field rep or whoever else make the call.

    Same news over on TIJ with a few comments
    TJI and the top flange - The Inspector's Journal Forums

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    Default Re: Some TJI notching allowed, per Weyerhauser

    Note that it states: (red and blue are mine, bold is theirs)

    This table does not apply to notches cut across the top flange, notches cut near an intermediate support of a multi-span joist, or multiple notches in a single joist span.

    The drawing should show an "or" on the drawing to designate that the notch may be within 3 feet of one end "or" within 3 feet of the other end, but "not both ends" - this is covered in the part in red.

    Also note that the last part in red "single joist span" really means "single joist", single span or multiple span - this is covered in the part in blue.

    That all means "one joist - one notch" - see chart for other limitations.

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