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    Default Creosote based building materials

    An agent asked me about a listing that she has and is wondering about creosote based building materials that a house was constructed from. The house in question was built from old creosote treated utility pole materials acquired from a local utility company. The previous owners did disclose this to the current homeowners. I have not seen this house and do not know how extensive this material is used and where it is used but it has been reported to me that the main structure is in fact creosote treated. A finance company is now telling the owner and agent that because the creosote is regarded as a carcinogen, the house MUST be bulldozed and that they will only finance the land. Needless to say, the agent and current owner is very stressed about this. The agent in question was the buyer’s agent for the current owner and now she is concerned about her own liability in this. I have never seen a utility pole built house before and was hoping for some additional input.

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    Sawing utility poles construction plans, hurricane and flood resistant housing concepts, ecological living concepts
    Interesting, this is what i found online in a few minutes.
    do more research. i will also. interesting topic. i know of whole tracts that were built on poles used as footings. bad idea from the start but most still standing.
    Now with the health concern.


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