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    Default wooden support column - checking

    The length wise(with grain) cracking and splitting we often see in support columns is referred to as "checking".

    Do any of you know of an article or whatnot that explains this type of cracking in wood. I'm looking for a page or document that will help explain it to clients when they ask about it.

    I can usually soothe their worries but it's always nice to back it up with an article or document to send in email.


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    Default Re: wooden support column - checking

    This may help.

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    Default Re: wooden support column - checking

    I know I could dig up pics of checking in posts. but here's something you won't often see, three massive by today's standards Douglas Fir posts with no checking whatsoever. Builder's home. I suspect the wood was dried in the log for a few years before milling.

    Check out the supports under the post. Yeah, those are hockey pucks.

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    Default Re: wooden support column - checking

    I think what's more surprising is it hasn't been hit by a car yet... definitely not my house


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