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    Default Horizontal offset throughout foundation

    1948 - likely no rebar

    This is an odd one.... on all four sides of the basement in various places the upper portion of the foundation is inward from the lower and there is a jagged lip approximately 1/2 way between the floor and top of the foundatoin, at what appears to be a cold joint.

    I can see the imprint of the form board go directly across the "fault line" so it's pretty clear it's moved since poured. Also, in the areas where the offset is the largest there is a small lip/shelf in towards the basement at the sill plate. Basically, you could set a pack of cigarettes on top of the foundation and beside the sill plate in the worst places whereas the undisturbed places there's no lip.

    Any one instance and I'd just chalk it up to a foundation failure but all four sides? I'm playing it safe and writing it up as a chance of a failed foundation and the buyer is going to investigate further.

    Just curious what other opions might be....

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