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    Default Framing/bracing along foundation wall

    This was a house built in the early 80's and remodeled. This bracing wall along the crawl space wall, under the living room. My guess is additional support for stone fireplace. I have not seen this type of installation. Was not sure about the wood/metal contact.

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    Default Re: Framing/bracing along foundation wall

    I metal present because the builder did not want the non-treated wood in direct contact with concrete?

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    Default Re: Framing/bracing along foundation wall

    Looks like the 2x's are sitting on top of sheetmetal and butted into the wall floor intersection? Fairly basic install, not great but shouldn't be an issue. I would prefer to see treated lumber. Based on the pics it doesn't seem like its a damp crawl. 2x's look normal color. Is that right?
    If doing the inspection I would be looking for:
    - crawlspace dampness levels
    - amount of tension on 2x's, how stiff do they seem to be carrying substantial load
    - fastening between the 2x's and onto the joists, nails, drywall screws, type, etc
    - any signs of rot or splits at connection points
    - why they put the braces at an angle
    The insulation and plastic you got already.
    Hope that helps
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