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    Default Roof Framing - I always seem to be questioning

    I often find myself questioning roof framing details. Although the TREC SOPs indicate the home inspection is not a code inspection, I would like to be more comfortable when evaluating roof framing.

    In the Houston area, it seems like all the scrap lumber is used in the roof framing in one way or another. Sometimes I see things that seem borderline to me, but cant find the code references to back up my suspicions.

    IRC doesnt really offer much help in this matter, as it seems kind of vague to me. I typically see collar ties spaced eratically, bracing that seems like just extra wood they had laying around they decided to use, etc.

    Can anyone offer me any books that may help me in my evaluation of roof framing???

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    Default Re: Roof Framing - I always seem to be questioning

    John Kogel, RHI, BC HI Lic #47455

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    Default Re: Roof Framing - I always seem to be questioning

    To some extent, I'm with you on this one, John. It's mainly the lack of access and visibility that bother me. Often times there is so much insulation piled up I feel like I'm just looking at the peak of a mountain sticking up above the clouds. All the while realizing that county inspectors (at least in my area) rarely get up high on ladders to really look things over. So, were basically stuck with whatever the framer/installer thought to do on a given day... yikes.


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