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    Default Framing inspection help...

    I was wondering if any of you kind folk could help me out on getting info on a framing inspection. Like things you usually look for. If anybody would share a empty form that would be really nice , but any help would be much appreciated.

    I have tagged along and a number of them but want to see what you guys do.....


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    Default Re: Framing inspection help...

    I recommend you tag-along with a professional inspector who performs these type of inspections on a daily basis. There is no way you can learn everything on "how to properly inspect framing" by reading posts.

    You simply need hands-on training and research combined.

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    Default Re: Framing inspection help...

    our New Jersey state DCA (Department of Community Affairs) Codes and Standards web page has a framing punch list they want building inspectors to fill out at each framing inspection though with the work I do I question how many are using it.

    Historically what I see as the same crap differant day is sill plate straps bent "U" around the sill plates and not drilled like an anchor bolt and "T" fastened.

    The liner stud that supports a window or door header not tight to the bottom of the header where you see that diagonal rip in the drywall at the upper corner of the opening after building shrinkage and settlement. This is one of NJ biggest home warranty claims.

    point loads...with TJI joists squash blocks and notching and boring, forget about it, you dont want to hear my rant on the manufactured lumber issues here, floor and roof truss installtion and bracing, I will say the trusses are installed with hold downs more then 6 and 8 years ago here. I have seen through many invasive cuts the bottom chord of the gable wall truss rip the control joint of stucco because it was not secure mid span.

    plywood/ OSB spacing between sheets on the exterior walls.

    these are a sample of the most common I see, but that DCA list will give you an idea of what the state is looking for inspectors to check, I hope it helps you

    Joseph Ehrhardt
    Building Forensic Specialist LLC

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    Default Re: Framing inspection help...


    Come to San Antonio and I will show you one! I will be in Houston the week of Aug 8 teaching a BPI course. If you can line up a house under construction we can go inspect it. Just buy me a beer (when we are finished!)! Give me a call 210 385-1209.

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    Default Re: Framing inspection help...

    In Houston, the framing inspection requirements vary significantly within the area because of the variation in wind storm requirements. Therefore, if you are not wind storm certified you aren't qualified to fulfill the inspection requirements in the southeast sections of the area. Make sure you fulfill the clients' needs before you take their money.

    Darrel Hood


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